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How Can I Make My Garden More Private

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  • 03-06-2021
How Can I Make My Garden More Private

How to Make your Garden More Private

Do you have desires to make your garden or backyard more secluded?

Do you wish that you were a little more shielded from your neighbours so that you may garden and relax under the sun in peace without being overlooked?

Gardens are a wonderful place, and over time we begin to value them more and more, especially in the spring and summertime. You want to be able to eat, exercise, garden, sunbathe, and whatever outdoor activity you want, in complete privacy. 

Several ways are creative practical for concealing all your activity from nosey neighbours to achieve privacy. Think carefully about the set-up and overall layout of your backyard or garden so that you can enjoy it to the fullest as the evenings get longer and brighter. 

Here are a few of our landscaping ideas and tips that may be perfect for you to think about:

Garden Screens

Perhaps add classic privacy screens. They are an ideal way to create a secluded landscape that conceals you from outside sights. They can also be fun DIY projects; you can colour them to match the aesthetic and themes presented in your garden or backyard perfectly. You can make screens from numerous old materials, such as old doors, trellis panels, wooden pallets or any dense upcycled metals. 

Garden screens brighten up any dull garden, give them a lick of paint so that they are no longer an ugly shade, any colour of your choice and watch how it transforms your view. Doing it yourself means you can customise it to suit your themes and aesthetics perfectly.  

If you're not one to DIY, you can also buy yourself a garden screen, and there are many styles of backyard or garden screens that can be creating privacy for all outdoor spaces. Some examples of screens you may purchase are Hazel Hurdles Fencing Panel, Andlinger Bamboo Screen, 2D Garden Fence Panel or Trellis Panels & Posts and Nature Garden Screens.

How to Make your Garden More Private

Evergreen Shrubs for Privacy

Plants are also a great way of vertically shielding your garden from the outside world, any neighbours or even from a nice feature or focal point in your garden (a plant or an ornament) that you may be worried someone may take if they like the look of it. Evergreen shrubs are probably the best way to achieve this; they can reach reliable heights that enable them to cover the sights and plentiful foliage for all year round seclusion. 

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Those seeking only a little shelter in the summertime should opt for a shrub that will grow back every spring. 

Here are some of our suggestions of the evergreen shrubs you may wish to search for: 

Carpinus betulus

Fatsia japonica

Euonymus fortunei 'Emerald Gaiety' 

Fargesia Rufa.

Another fantastic way to create a privacy screen, including plants, is to invest in climbing plants. Climbing plants grow upwards on a screen and effectively hide your garden from the public. All the while, they are stunning to look at and provide a lovely view to enjoy while sunbathing. 

Pleaching Trees

You can pleach train trees to form a narrow hedge or screen that will provide some protection for you when relaxing or gardening. However, this can require plenty of hard work. The best options or tree variety for pleaching are lime, beech, ash, and hornbeam; these are also some of the most straightforward kinds to pleach. Pleaching is done by tying together and interlacing plant or tree shoots and vines through their branches against a piece of framework to support it, and this allows it to stand firmly. The preaching method is somewhat like a natural lattice pattern, just with more greenery. The gaps in the pattern can give off a rustic look that some gardens suit. 


Arbours are another fantastic way to shelter a small portion of your backyard or garden, especially if you have any seating areas on the patio or grass that you'd like to keep more sheltered. Arbour styles are common for both gardens and balconies that need some shelter. Arbours have some expensive solid wood structures, so it may be best to cover a plastic lattice arch in flowers such as roses, evergreen climber plants or jasmine for an aesthetically pleasing look that planters strive for on a cheaper budget. Other forms of this kind of shelter are name Pergola; they are much bigger, more expensive and cover much more land, so if you have a greater garden and budget, you may want to look for one of these types. 

Sinking In

Many years ago, they often didn't worry about building upwards to create a sense of and add privacy; they chose to dig downwards. If you wish to get that very vintage garden feel, begin forming grass banks with already dugout soil. The sinking in method provides numerous amounts of space that you can use for planting and growing flowers like roses or any other pots or shrubbed plants to customise the appearance. 

It may not be the first choice for someone with a more modern garden, as well-drained soil along with high water tables is crucial to avoid any flooding. However, if you have a perfectly suitable spot, space will trap scents in a perfect bubble. 

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Fences for Privacy

Privacy is so essential for any home. However, even if you have huge windows all about your home, you can close your curtains for immediate privacy. Some may prefer open-spaced gardens where the fences are small, and you can enjoy light conservation with your neighbours, and some want their garden to be a place of complete seclusion and relaxation. 

The sizes of many gardens also play a considerable part in whether or not a big fence would play a good role in your garden. Privacy can be quite an issue for those with middle-sized gardens, as super-high barriers can block out a great deal of natural light that you may be hoping to relax under and enjoy in the summer. On the other hand, low fences or hedges mean you can hear and often see your neighbours. You may also have to comply with your neighbours' wants; they may disagree with your desired height. 

However, installing privacy fences isn't all about height. The correct positioning of your screening also increases privacy. 

As mentioned before, consider your neighbours, especially in these kinds of landscaping ideas. Sometimes arguments can spark over the desire for fences, specifically for privacy; you don't want to go upsetting any of your neighbourhood. Setting a boundary with a fence can sometimes can more problems in some communities to make sure you discuss this with your neighbours. 

It is a bright idea to check with your local authorities before erecting any screen or fencing. Most governments and local councils recognise that privacy is something that every household and homeowners is entitled to. 

Some districts, cities or counties have different restrictions and regulations regarding building or importing privacy fences. To use Dungeness, Kent, as an example, you cannot erect walls for any of your land there. However, a few miles away, the regulations allow you to put up a 2 metre for privacy without any problems. 

Your local authorities may state you need planning permission to put up hedges or fences in your front in many areas. Numerous places allow hedges as long as they are regularly trimmed and don't cause any difficulties to bypassers due to overhanging leaves or branches. 

The rules surrounding the height and hedges can be complicated, but as long as your hedges lines are well-groomed, it is likely you don't have to worry. 

So ensure that before you go ahead with any landscaping ideas on privacy hedges, fences, or screen, etc., check your local landscape regulations and whether or not they place restrictions on you. You don't want to make any rash decisions beforehand. 

Ensure you discuss plans with your neighbours, don't let them walk out on you building up a big fenced wall, or they could garner the wrong impression. Ask if they would like privacy too and see if your decision would also benefit them. Do they like your choice of design or material choice? Is it blocking their light from your side? Ironing out all of these issues will be beneficial in helping you make all your other decisions. 

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