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What Kind Of Fencing Lasts The Longest

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  • 13-04-2022
What Kind Of Fencing Lasts The Longest

 What kind of fencing lasts the longest? If you want to build a garden fence on your property, it is important to choose the right materials. We look at the advantages of various garden fencing types.

What Type Of Fence Lasts The Longest?

One of the most long-lasting fences on the market is chain link fencing, alongside vinyl, which is incredibly durable. Chain link fences are not as prone to rusting as other non-weather-resistant metal fences, as they are made of steel with a galvanised finish.

Chain link is practically maintenance-free, and they are an extremely cheap, economical material for the 20 years they last. PVC fences or vinyl does not require a stain to keep their appearance and lasts longer than 30 years. 

What Kind Of Fencing Lasts The Longest?

Types of Fence Material (And How Long They Last)

There are a vast number of high quality, unique and natural materials for your home or property fences, and this could potentially make you feel overwhelmed and confused as to which would be the best fit.

When comparing vinyl fences, treated wood fences, wrought iron fences and several others, it is paramount to consider the longevity.

Similarly to aesthetic value, the lifespan is arguably one of the most significant factors to look at when buying, as you want to get as much out of your money as possible.

Longevity helps you find a fantastic investment for both the long-term and short-term. Here are some types of fencing to help you choose the right fence material:

Wooden fences are possibly your first thought when you think of purchasing a garden or backyard fence. Regardless of the neighbourhood or home style, they are a prevalent fencing choice.

A wood fence can last more than 30 years which naturally depends on various other components, such as the level of maintenance of the homeowner and the type of wood chosen.

The type of material and the overall cost are crucial to your fence's longevity; for example, a cheaper wood such as pine or spruce will often not last as many years as a more expensive wood like cedar fences. We highly recommend applying a high-quality stain to your wooden fence instead of leaving it raw to the other elements. A frequently stained wood fence will last much longer.  

Some properties may select chain link, which is another common fencing material. Chain link is one of the most affordable types of fencing materials that you can find in the UK market. It can last around 20 years, as long as you ensure you have consistent upkeep and maintenance.

You can achieve a relatively long lifespan if you perform routine care. However, the biggest pitfall it faces as a fencing option is that many do not perceive it as an attractive material for specific applications compared to other styles.

Chain links zig-zag pattern works best for applications such as construction sites, local parks, barns, government facilities, prisons and sports courts. Chain link is provided in a wide range of vinyl-coated options; chain link fencing is highly customisable without the possibility of losing the property or homeowner's visibility. 

Another sturdy option you may want to look at is vinyl fencing. It is an incredibly durable material, lasting more than 30 years, and they are low maintenance throughout their usage.

Unlike wood fencing that tends to shrink, rot and warp over time, vinyl is different as it is exceptionally resilient and rigid. It's resistant to multiple factors, such as pests, wild temperatures and weather changes, for example, heavy wind, rain and snow.

Vinyl fencing is known as one of the most long-lasting fence materials currently on the market. You or professionals don't need to worry about applying a solid stain to prevent weathering and pests, and you can easily clean it with water and soap. Many professionals and homeowners believe that vinyl is one of the most superior options, unlike other materials. 

Any wrought iron, steel or aluminium fencing are incredible, ornate options that are beautiful to look at and provide immense durability.

The fences are often durable enough to withstand heavy rain and high winds. However, they don't provide a great deal of privacy for you and your family or household, so they aren't the best fences for backyards or any outdoor spaces you'd like to keep private.

Metal fences in this form may be an attractive option for front yards or make for excellent gates at the entrance of your home, providing a clear view of the front of your house or property.

If you are interested in wrought iron, aluminium fences or steel fencing, speak to a professional in the field.

They may be able to guide you towards the material that suits your security and aesthetic requirements, so contact them for a free consultation. 

What Factors Impact The Longevity Of A Fence?

There are numerous other factors, aside from the actual material, that dramatically impact your fence's overall longevity.

Suppose your fence has high wind exposure and an open area; this will mean that the wind adds significant pressure levels onto your fence, which, if not appropriately anchored into the ground, could cause it to lean. The wind and weather can harm how long-lasting your fence last, regardless of the material it's made from. 

A significant factor that drastically affects the longevity of your garden or backyard fences is whether they have been sealed or coated with a high-quality, rust-resistant finish serum to protect the material used.

The point of applying a sealant is stressed frequently; however, it is an incredibly significant aspect that will ensure your fencing lasts a few more years than you expect.

chain-link - Types of Fence Material (And How Long They Last)

It's best to find a coating product that helps prevent the development of rust. It also helps avoid corrosion, discolouration and weathering, as these are the main pitfalls that can cause a decrease in the life expectancy of your fencing. The coating could be the difference between how long your fencing lasts. 

We've developed the following list of tips and tricks that can help you extend the overall lifespan of your perfect fence.

When discussing the fencing that lasts the longest, it's not just the material used but also how you treat that material to keep your fence in its original state for as long as physically possible. It would help if you never left your fence to tackle the elements without putting in some work to assist it.

wooden fence garden

We highly recommend watching out for shrubs and trees that may grow along your fence line.

For those that discover unwanted plants or weeds growing along the sides or against your fence, you might want to kill or remove them as soon as possible.

Plants are a fantastic addition to your garden; they form soft landscaping that enhances your outdoor space's beauty with artistic embellishments providing a more decorative aesthetic.

However, roots growing along the bottom of your fence obstruct the structure of your fence and even split railings, therefore, harming how long your fence lasts over time.

The roots could rupture the posts that your fence is held up by and gradually cause your fence to tilt or lift from the ground. Invest in a concrete or gravel filler so that you can ensure that your fence posts are properly anchored into the ground. 

It may help to clean any debris or leaves away that gather at the bottom of your fence, especially wet leaves in the autumn or winter period. Wet leaves could damage the appearance of your fence; they could be muddy and leave dirt prints, but the constant dampness could also weaken the material of the fence.

It is also crucial to do this, but leaves and debris could also provide a whole host of potential pests to inhabit after they burrow their way into your garden under the fence.

These pests could cause even more damage to the structural integrity of your fence. However, it will also bring unwanted guests into your backyard or garden, and they could be dangerous to your pets or any young children you may have or look after. 

agricultural fencing

You want to make sure that you conduct regular inspections on your fence. Every few months or at least annually will allow you to discover any potential issues that have occurred before they get the opportunity to gradually get worse, especially in seasons with adverse weather conditions.

In thoroughly checking your fence regularly, you can uncover the problems and fix them promptly, which will often save you lots of money instead of leaving it to develop into a worse and more costly issue. 

Next, we recommend that you have some discussions with your neighbour, especially if you plan to replace or repair a fence you both share.

close-up fencing

Ensure you coordinate with them on any issues you've discovered with your side of the fence; the problems may be affecting their side of the fence too.

Your neighbours may have other fence accessories and odd ornamental applications dangling against your fence that obstruct your fence in various weather conditions, which could be another issue.

If there are any problems, you can come to an agreement, deal with them more quickly and maintain the overall lifespan of your fence whilst saving money.

Lastly, if you require a brand-new fence, it's best to have a professional install it for you. For those thinking of purchasing a new or different style of fence, we highly recommend the help of a fencing professional; that way, you can ensure the job is done safely and correctly.

Properly installed fences can enhance its longevity, instead of having it done by a novice who cannot do the job as well as someone with plenty of experience. A lack of experience could mean they are heavy-handed or plant the posts of your fence into areas that have shrubs growing or tree roots that could obstruct your fence as they grow over time. 

Are you looking for fencing suppliers near you? If you require garden decking in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire contact us today. 

Our garden design experts can supply and install beautiful garden decking for you and your family to enjoy for years to come.